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What We Do

Our purpose

We contribute to the creation of new values by enhancing civil society's understanding of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We contribute to the creation of new values for a better life for all people across generations, by supporting the UN’s efforts for global prosperity and promoting society’s understanding of sustainable development. < SCS Articles of Incorporation No.3 Purpose >

Education and Training to spread awareness of SDGs
  • Develop SDGs educational content related materials
  • Promote SDGs training for companies and institutions, etc.
Research and Development of SDGs service and business model
  • Investigate the current state of the circular economy for SDGs in each sector
  • Participate and provide advice in government policy tasks related to SDGs, etc.
Consulting and promotion for introducing SDGs services
  • Provide support for SDGs introduction and cooperation in each service sector
  • Host and promote global events related to SDGs, etc.
global cooporation
Promotion of global cooperation related to SDGs
  • Establish an expert network related to SDGs service implementation
  • Conduct global joint research to develop SDGs business model, etc.
Want to make a difference?

We hope for your support so that the Sustainable Development Goals can take root in our daily lives