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Our story begins with your warm heart in practicing ethical consumption for the next generation

The United Nations (UN) agreed to adopt (2015) and implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 for all member countries for the survival of all mankind in the face of severe climate and environmental changes. In addition, the SDGs have a wide range of targets for economic, social, and environmental implementation, emphasizing the need for active participation from the private sector in order to achieve practical results.
However, Korean civil society’s awareness of SDGs in general is not high compared to neighboring advanced countries.

On the other hand, our civil society is demonstrating a healthy civic consciousness that goes beyond recognition of the SDGs, understands the global crisis we will face in the future with our hearts, and practices ethical consumption by reducing disposable products and using eco-friendly products. Sustaining and accelerating this citizenship requires a clear justification and direction for ethical consumption, and the SDGs will be a milestone for this.

Therefore, we established SCS(Sustainable Connected Society) with the belief that SDGs are the core of new values that will lead the future market economy and that the driving force behind SDGs is civil society. In order to create a sustainable society and create new values, we plan to enhance civil society’s understanding of SDGs and conduct research and development of service models to spread ethical consumption.

Vision & Growth Strategy

SCS will contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth by creating a market economy environment for future generations and spreading awareness among civil society about the SDGs.

To bring our vision to life, SCS will strengthen its organizational structure and business base via three phases : Foundation establishment, Developing through leaps and bounds, and Sustainable growth.

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